Watercolours By  "F. Roux" (Frederic, born 1805, or Francois, born 1811?)

                    La Fauvette, corvette of 20 guns - signed  F .Roux  1801.  Reproduction
                    from the Maritiem Museum
, Rotterdam

                    The date on tis painting, 1801, is before Frederic or Francois were born.  
                    It is possible that it is a copy of a painting of 1801 by Antoine Roux
, pere,
                    which Frederic or Francois copied in their training as watercolourists. 


                   L'Astrolabe, corvette ex-armed transport La Coquille on her way to Toulon
 F. Roux  1811  Reproduction from the Maritiem Museum., Rotterdam

                   At the date of 1811 on this painting, Frederic would have been only five or six
                   years old and Francois was born in that year.  The comment above for
                   La Fauvette could apply to  this painting also, viz., that it was a copy of a
                   painting by Antoine Roux, pere, of 1811 by Frederic or Francois in their
                   traing as painters.


                  Ships in the Hydra roads - signed F. Roux  1850  from
                  "The Great Age of Sail".
  editor Joseh Jobe.  This
                  painting stylistically could be attributed to either
                  Frederic or Francois.