ADDENDUM: A Selection:-

               From Admiral Paris' " L'Oeuvre de Francois Roux:  
             Representant Les Portraits des Navires
de La Marine
             Francaise de 1792 a Nos Jours" -
Photographs by A. Liebert   
             (Dates and descriptions inFrench from Admiral Paris' text.)

            Le Wagram - 1800 ('Vaisseau a trois ponts' - three decker ship of the line).
              Later Dauphin Royal 118 guns class)   Condemned 1836.   A copy by
              Francois of a painting by his father dated 1811. The direction of the ship
              is reversed.  Antoine Roux's original is in the Peabody Essex Museum. 

Montebello -  1839  ('Vaisseau a trois ponts' - three decker ship of the line)
            Another of the later Dauphin Royal 118 guns class.  Re-built 1851-52 as a steam
              battleship, broken up in1889.


Le Valmy - 1849 ('Trois ponts a Muraille droites' - three decker at Murailles
             to the right hand side).  The vessel carried 120 guns and was of 5,154 tons burden
             In service to 1891.

           La Bretagne - 1855 ('Tris ponts a Voile et a Vapeur' -  Three decker with sail and steam)
             Carried 130 guns and was 6,770 tons displacement.  became a training ship in1866.

            Le Napoleon -1848 ('Vaisseau a vapeur rapide'- fast ship of the line). Two views
            of the ship with its rounded stern.
Of 5,120 tonnes displacement andCapable of
            a speed of 12 knots, it was the first propeller driven steam capital ship of any nation.  

            Le Robuste -1805 ('Vaisseau de 80' - Ship of the line with 80 guns).  A copy
            of a painting by his father Antoine (see ARP-H).   The Robuste was destroyed
            in 1809 before Francois was born.

            Le Conquerant - 1817 ('Vaisseau de 80 transforme' - ship of the line converted to 80 guns)
            Bucentaure class  - originally a 74. Refitted 1n 1821, disarmed in 1830, used as a barracks
            hulk until 1842 when she was broken up.

            Le Fleurus - 1825 ('Vaisseau de 100 transforme a Vapeur' - ship of the line 100 guns,
            converted to steam)

          Le Suffren - 1824 ('Vaiseau de 80' - ship of the line, 80 guns.)

            la Ville de Marseilles - 1812 ('Vaisseau de 74' - ship of the line, 74 guns)
            - later 80 guns, broken up 1827. 

            La Didon - 1828 ("Frigate de 60 cannons"- frigate of 60 guns)  
            Nemesis class - 50 gun type.  Deleted 1867.

             L'Artemise - 1928 ("Frigate de 54 cannons"  Frigate of 54 guns). Deleted 1840.

           La Pomone - 1846 ("Frigate transforme de helice" - converted to a screw frigate)
           - 36 guns, 1,900 tons displacement. Converted from sail 1857.

           L'Audacieuse 1854 ("frigate a Vapeur de 800 chevaux" - steam frigate of 800 hp).  
           Ardente class -1,960
tons displacement, speed 8.5 knots,  armament: 5X 30 pounder
           long guns, 6X30 pounder howitzer.

          La Gloire - 1858 ('Premier Cuirasse rapide' - the first ironclad with a
            speed of 13 knots) - the first sea going broadside ironclad.  Iron clad
            over a wooden hull with the cladding extending below the water line.

          La Magenta - 1861 ('Premier Vaisseau Cuirasse'- first rate ironclad ship of the line)
            - broadside ironclad of  6,751 tons displacemeent.  One of only two two-decked
            ironclads ever built.

         Le Richelieu - 1868 ('Grand Cuirasse rapide a Tourelle' - large ironclad with
           barbettes and speed.)   A central battery ship with barbettes of 8,984 tons

         L'Ocean - 1865 ('Frigate Cuirasse a Tourelle' - frigate ironclad with barbettes) 
           - a central battery ship with barbettes of 7,580/7,775 tons displacement  

          Thetis - 1865 ('Corvette Cuirasse' - corvette ironclad). Alma class of wooden
          hulled iron clad corvettes - 3,513 long tons displacement, speed 11knots,
          range 1,630 nautical miles at 10 knots.  guns: 6X1 194mm (7.4in) Mle 1964 &
          4X1 120mm (4.7in).  Hulked in New Caledonia after 1885.         

         Le Tourville -1874 (Cuircasse de premier Classe - a first rate ironclad)
           -- a broadside ironclad-of 5698 tons displacement

          Conways "All the Worlds Fighting Ships 1860-1905"   
          Conways "The Line of Battle:The Sailing Warships1650-1840"

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