Frederic Roux - Watercolours

             C. From L'Album de L'Amiral Willaumez (Watercolours by
                  Frederic Roux of ships the Admiral had served in or commanded) -
                  warship details from Wickipedia entries 'List of Ships of the Line of
                  France', 'List of French sail Frigates' and 'Order of Battle at the
                  Battle of Trafalgar'.
                   Le Bien-aime (Vaisseau de 74 - Ship of the line with 74 guns) - launhed 1869

                 La Flamand (Vaisseau de 64 - Ship of the line with 64 guns), launched 1765 at Bordeaux
                 and was withdrawn from service in 1771.  The painting is not of  a 'Vaisseau de 64' and
                 Wiiaumez served in a ship 'Flamand' in 1878.

                  La Louise (Both du Roi) knocked down and sunk in 1778 off Martinique.

                  Les Amis (corvette du Roi)                                                                  

                   La Ville de Paris (Vaisseau a 2 ponts - Ship of the Line 2 gun decks).  Launched
                   in 1764 at Rochefort initially with 90 guns enlarged to 104 guns. captured by the
                   British in the Battle of the Saintes in April 1782 and sank in a storm later that year.

                  L'Amazone (fregate du 12 - frigate armed with 12 pounder guns) in the American
                  Revolutionary campaign engaged with a British frigate.  L'Amazone was launched
                  at St Malo in 1778 and carried 32 guns.  It was captured by the British Navy in 1782
                  but retaken the next day.  It was wrecked in1797.

                  Le Silphe (Brie du Roi - French naval brig)

                   La Lionne (Gabare du Roi - armed transport)

                  La Forte (Gabare du Roi - armed transport)

                  L'Astree (Fregate de 12 - frigate with 12 pounder guns).  Launched 1780 at Brest,
                  armed with 32 guns,  Lost without trace in the Indian Ocean in 1795.

                  La Patriote (Vaisseau de 74 - Ship of the Line with 74 guns).  
                  Launched 1785 at Brest, broken up 1833.

                  La Recherche commanded by Rear Admiral
d'Entrcasteau and L'Esperance
                  in the search for La Peyrouse.

                                                 Le Trinquenomale - Vaiseau Hollandais de 50 - 
                    Dutch Ship of the Line of 50 guns)

                   Le Seagen (Dutch East India Company ship)

                   La Prudente (fregate de 12 - frigate with 12 pounder guns). Launched at
                   Lorient in 1790, armed with 32 guns. Sold for service as a privateer in 1798.


                   Le Leger (corvette of 18 guns). Corvette a fast, ship rigged vessel. 

                   Le Pluton (Vaisseau de 74 - Ship of the Line with 74 guns).  Launched in 1788
                   at Rochefort.  Participated in the battle of Trafalgar in October 1805 and
                   suffered damage and a quarter of her crew  killed or wounded, but escaped.
                   Subsequently broken up. 

                  Le Bergiere (Corvette a 3 mats, de 18 canons de 24 - Corvette, ship rigged
                  with 18X24 pounder guns)

                   La Regeneree (forte fregate portant du 12 - powerful figate with 12 pounder guns).  
                   Launched in 1794 at St Malo, armed with 40 guns - 28X12 pounders 12X6 pounders.  
                   Captured by the British Navy in 1801 and renamed HMS Alexandria.

                  A Division of three French naval frigates and a brig.

                   Le Dugay-Truin (Vaisseau de 74 - Ship of the Line 74 guns) Launched 1800
                   at Rochefort.  Participated in the battle of Trafalgar in Octber 1805. Escaped
                   but was captured in the following month after the Battle of Cape Ortegal.
                   Renamed HMS Implacable.

                   La Poursuivant (Fregate portant du 24 - frigatate with 24 pounder guns)  
                   Launched in 1896 at Dunkirk. Armed with 20x24 pounder guns and a
                   12 inch mortar.

                   L'Algesiras (Vaisseau de 74 - Ship of the Line with 74 guns)  Launched in
                   1804 at Lorient. Captured by the British at the Battle of Trafalgar in October
                   1805 where 29 per cent of its crew were casualties. Recaptured by the French
                   two days later, went to Cadiz where it was captured by the Spanish in 1808
                   and renamedAlgeciras. Decommissioned in 1826.

                   Schooner No. 10