Frederic Roux - Watercolours   

              B. From "L'Album De Marine Du Duc D'Orleans" (Water colours
                   by Frederic Roux 1827-1828)

                 Vaisseau de premier-rang (Ship-of-the-Line, first-rate, a vessel with118-120 guns
                 under French classifiction from 1737 to 1837)

                 Vaisseau de deuxieme-rang (Ship-of-the-Line, second-rate, with 100-110 guns
                 under French classification 1737-1837 )

                                              Fregate premier rang, 1827 (frigate first rate)  
                  30 guns and 28 caronades

                 Fregate de deuxieme-rang (in 1827, frigate, second-rate,
                 30 cannons and 16 caronades)

                 Corvette (a small frigate or sloop-of-war, 20 or more guns in a battery)

                 Brig de guerre (brig man-of-war)

                  Goelette Brig (brigantine)

                                               Goelette (schooner)

                  Lougre (lugger)

                  Cutter (A cutter with British ensign)

                   Chebec - xebek, shebek (A three masted sailing vessel of
                   Arab/Turkish origins which could also be propelled by oars.  
                   They were the fasdest and most mano
euvrable sailing vessels
                   of the Mediterranean.  Used by corsairs and navies, as well
                   as cargo carriers.)

                  Misticque (A two or three masted coastal cargo
                  vessel with lateen sails from the Catalan coast of
                  the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries)  

                   Tartane - tartana, tartan (A general purpose and
                   fishing vessel in wide use in the  Mediteranean
                   and Arabian Gulf.  The name adapted by Italians
                   from the Arabic for small ship.)

                  Balancelle (A French adaptation from the Italian
fishing boats with two masts and  lateen
                  sails used at the end of the nineteenth century

                   Allege (A lighter used to lighten ships in a roadstead)

                  Flute (A sailing barge with a Norwegian ensign)

                  Galiote (Dutch galliot.  A two masted vessel
                  develloped in the Netherlandsin the seventeenth
                  century for North Sea and coastal work.)-

                  Brig de commerce  (merchantman brig)

                   Bombarde de commerce. (Bombardes were two masted
                   mortar carrying vessels with square sails on the foremast. 
                   In the nineteenth century cargo sailing ships with the same
                   rig were known as bombardes.)      

                 Balaous (probably a Baltimore clipper/schooner)

                Charbonnier (A Briiish coal carrier)

                 Chasse Maree (A French two or three masted sailing
                 vessel with flush deck used as a coaster or for fishing.
                 The raked centre mast cold be lowered in bad weather.)