Francois Roux - Watercolours
              C. Prints from "L'Age D'Or De La Marine A Voile" by Jean Meissennier

                     French brig Jeune Nancy - dared 1837                                                                                                                   

                      Paddle Steamer Acheron. Ran a service between                                                                       
                      Toulon, Marseille and the port of Alger - dated 1838.

                     A First Rate Ship of the Line moored in Toulon Harbour - dated 1848.                                                                         

                     Paddle steamer Sully, one of the first steamships of the port of Marseille.  It was part of a regular service
                     inaugurated in 1831 between Marseille, Genoa, Livorno, Citta Vechio and Naples - dated 1841 

                     Ship Saint Vincent de Paul.  Built in Marseillein 1854, length 37m, width 9m, depth 5.60m.  
                     It was wrecked on
the coast of Madagascarin 1860 - dated 1855,

                    Passenger steam auxiliary Avenir. Built at La Sene in 1853. It was of 1500 tons displacement,
                    length 58m, width 8.65m,depth  5.60m. It Inaugurated the first trans-Atlantic service from  
                    Maseilles to Pernambuco and Rio de Janeiro in 1855.  It was broken up in Genoa in 1880.

                    An unidentified french barque leaving Marseille - dated 1872