ANTOINE ROUX, PERE - Watercolours

            D. Prints from L'Age D'Or De La Marine A Voile by Jean Meissonnnier

            Fishing off the coast of Provence - dated 1797

             Chebecs - dated 1797                                                                                                                      

              Brig Paris. Built at St. Tropezin 1817for a Marseille  ship owner.  Dimensions - length 19.8 metres,
              width 6.3 metres.  Wrecked at Reunion Island in 1830 - dated 1817

            Ship (trois-mats) Henriette. Under Captain Louis Guion had  by 1818-1819 made
            several voyages to Martinique - dated 1818.

            Dutch frigate Sambre (40 guns).  The leader of a Dutch squadron in the Mediterranean - dated 1829

             Battle off the island of Lissa (Vis) in the Adriatic between French and
             British naval vessels in 1811 - no date..

            The American ship-rigged Hope leaving the port of Marseilles -no date.

            French brig Les Bon Amis with a second portrayal  of the vessel on the left side of thepainting - no date

            A French chebec and a British frigate - no date.                                                         

            A Spanish felucca (felouque) - no date.


            French brig Frederic with the flag of Honfleur a Granville at the top of its
            mizzen mast - no date.

            French brig Mon Plaisir of 195 tons, built at la Seyne,  and launched 23rd August 1819.
            Length 21.43 metres, width 6.81 metres, depth 4.22 metres.  Broken up1842.- no date

             A British ship beached - no date.                                                                               

            Warships in the harbour of Marseille -no date