Antoine Roux, Pere - Watercolours

                 C. From "Sailing Ships Of The Romantic Era" by Jean Meissonnier

            Small fishing vessel said to be 'Catalan' - dated 1796

              Ottoman-Greek zebec at anchor. Note the mixed rig of lateen and square sails - dated 1796.

                  A typical French  40 gun frigate - dated 1799

                     Entitled 'Ajax's Life Boat' rigged with the earliest type of fore-and-aft sail -dated 1800.

.           A 'Catalan' fishing boat beached - dated 1800.                                                                   

                  The French Ligurienne and  the British covette Petrel exchanging broadsides 20 th March 1800.


                   The San Nicole, a 400 ton palacca, moored by the island of Pegue off Marseilles drying out her sails.  
                   These vessel carried grain from Black Sea ports to Marseilles -dated 1806.

                   Unnamed French frigate of 20 guns - dated 1806.

                   A becalmed privateer with oars out and a tow - dated 1806

                  La Boree, a French frigate of 60 guns depicted in the harbour of Marseilles on 12th April 1807. 

                   The same Danish ship painted twice in different positions - dated 1809

                  A Danish merchantman and a Spanish pink (related to the xebec) - dated 1809

                  La Volonte de Dieu, the Marseilles bombard (bomb barge), flying the white flag of the Restoration - dated 1816

                 An American merchantman.  A painting of the same vessel in two positions -dated 1818

                The British 60 gun frigate, Fame, anchored off Endoum, a shoreside district of Marseilles.- 1823

               French frigate La Junun passing a smaller vessel - dated 1823                                 

               A Swedish merchantship  of 1827                                                                              

               A brigantine - dated 1829                                                                                                   

              A Spanish frigate depicted in 1830                                                                            

             An unidentified French 40 gun frigate in 1830 off the small island and lighthouse of Planier 
             about 10 miles south-west of Marseilles.    



            A British frigate under shortened sail -dated 1830                                                                                     

            A Spanish felucca making port.  Although the original watercolour describes the vessel as a felucca, it is more
            likely a xebec with its thre pole masts rigged with lateen sails and a jib -dated 1830