SAIL VOLUME II              

                                                                                               IV.  GENERAL TRADERS

                THESSALUS (1882 -1909), 1865 registered tons, length 269ft, beam 41ft 1in, depth  23ft 6in.  
                Constructed of iron, built by Barclay, Curle, Glasgow,  for Carmichael's Golden Fleece Line.  She
                was not intended for any particular trade and could carry only a few passengers.  She was however
                a fast ship and did well iwhether carrying jute from Calcutta, wheat from San Francisco or wool
                from Melbourne. In 1898, she was sold to Swedish owners and spent ten years in the Baltic and
                Australian timber trade. 1n 1909 she was scrapped..

                WINDSOR PARK (1882 - 1921), , 1,761 registered tons, length 250ft 5in, beam 40ft 2in, depth 24ft.  
                 Among the first ships constructed of steel, built by Thos. Royden & Son, Liverpool.  She was bought on
                 the stocks by A. Howden & Co.  She was more a big carrier than a fast sailor.  After ten years in the
                 Indian and Australian trades, she was sold in 1893 to the Glasgow firm of Geo. Gordon & Co.and was in
                 the trans-pacific trade from Newcastle, N.S.W. to Valparaiso.One of her better passages was of 37 days
                 but in 1900 she recorded a passage of 104 days from Newcatle, N.S.W.,  to San Francisco, and in 1902
                 took 113 days for the same passage.  She was bought by Norwegian owners in 1911 and was sold again
                 to other Norwegian owners.  For most of World War I she sailed between United States and South
                 American ports.  In 1920, she was sold again and was laid up in 1921. later that year she towed to
                 Gibraltar for conversion to a coal hulk   

                FALLS OF HALLADALE (1886 - 1908),  2026 registered tons, length275ft 2in, beam 41ft 6in,
                depth 23ft 9in. Constructed of iron, built by Russell & Co., Greenock, for the Falls Line. A four
                masted barque built for economy of operation and cargo carrying capacity. She spent most of her life
                in the Pacific grain trade to Europe.  She was sold in 1902 to T. Law & Co,'s Scottish Shire Line. In  
                1908, she stranded on the coast near Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, and was a total loss.  .

                NEOTSFIELD (1889 - 1917), 1,894 registered tons, length 269ft 6in, beam 40ft 1in, depth 22ft 7in.  
                Constructed of iron, built by A. McMillan, Dumbarton, for F.H. Dangar's Sydney firm of Dangar, Gedye
                & Co.  She was intended for the wool trade and initially sailed in this trade from Sydney. In 1902, she
                was sold  to R.Thomas & Co. and put in the nitrate trade from from the West Coast of Latin America
                to Europe.  She could not equal the passages of the crack German nitrate clippers.  In 1907/08 she took
                122 days from Taltal, Chile, to Hamburg, and in 1910 she took 141 days from Tortugas Island, Mexico,
                to the Lizard..  In 1916, she went from New York to Melbourne in 130 days.She was sold again in early
                1917.  In June 1917, she was stopped by a German submarine 112 miles south-west of Bishop's Rock,                      
                Scilly Islands  - the crew were given time to leave the ship in their boats and she was sunk by explosive
                 charges. .